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XPZ is a leading manufacture of laboratory glassware washer, located in Hangzhou China. XPZ specializes in research, production and trade the automatic glassware washer which is applied to food, medical,environmental inspection, chemical analysis and laboratory animals..



  • Which method is better,manual cleaning or laboratory glassware washer cleaning?

    In the laboratory,the cleaning of lab glassware is an essential work.However,for the cleaning of lab glassware,there are two methods:manual cleaning and laboratory glassware washing machine cleaning.So,which method is better?Next,let’s compare them one by one. 1.Manual cleaning Manual cleaning of...

  • The automatic bottle washing machine has laid the foundation for the intelligence and automation of various industries

    Automatic bottle washer is a modern equipment, which is mainly used for washing, disinfecting and drying bottles of various specifications and shapes. This report will analyze the performance, advantages and application fields of fully automatic bottle washing machine in detail. Performance 1.The...

  • One machine in hand, no worries in the laboratory——Application field of laboratory glassware washer

    In the laboratory,the cleaning of various utensils is very critical.The traditional manual washing method is undoubtedly cumbersome and time-consuming.In order to improve the efficiency of experiments and do a goo job of cleaning experimental bottles.laboratory personnel often chose bottle washin...

  • Lab Glassware washer structure and general operation process

    Lab glassware washer is a kind of equipment used to clean glass bottles in the laboratory. Higher efficiency, better cleaning results and less risk of contamination than manual bottle washing. Design and structure Lab fully automatic glassware washer usually consists of the following parts:wate...

  • Five elements that affect the cleaning of laboratory utensils?The lab glassware washer has become a hot spot in the laboratory

    The five major factors affecting the cleaning of lab glassware washer and dishes include:cleaning temperature,cleaning time,cleaning agent,mechanical force,and water.The failure of any factor will lead to unqualified bottle cleaning.For some more precise experiments,the existence of subtle impuri...