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XPZ is a leading manufacture of laboratory glassware washer, located in Hangzhou China. XPZ specializes in research, production and trade the automatic glassware washer which is applied to food, medical,environmental inspection, chemical analysis and laboratory animals..



  • BCEIA 2023 Finale丨Exhibition Review

      The 20th Beijing Analysis and Testing Academic Symposium and Exhibition (BCEIA 2023) was successfully held at the China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Pavilion) in Beijing. As one of the exhibitors, XPZ brought the fully automatic vessel cleaning machine Aurora-F3 and GMP large-scale c...

  • How to choose cleaning agent for glassware washing machine? How to operate and maintain it?

    When choosing a cleaning agent for a laboratory glassware washer, you should consider the following factors: 1. The composition of the cleaning agent: Choose a cleaning agent suitable for cleaning glassware, and choose a product that is non-corrosive and does not leave harmful substances. Avoid u...

  • Breakthrough and innovation,to words a more effective era of laboratory bottle washing

    The automatic laboratory glassware washer is a kind of equipment used for washing glass bottles used in the laboratory. It has the function of automation, which can reduce manual operation and improve the efficiency of bottle washing. These machines are usually equipped with spray systems, brushe...

  • Application of bottle washing machine in biopharmaceutical industry: advantages, limitations and future development

    In the biopharmaceutical industry, the bottle washer has become one of the more commonly used equipment. It is of great significance for ensuring the quality of drugs, improving production efficiency, and reducing costs. This article will introduce in detail the application background, advantages...

  • Petri dish cleaning expert – XPZ automatic bottle washing machine

    Cleaning Petri dishes is a tedious process, but this process can make experiments more efficient. If the petri dish is not cleaned, the experimenter needs to waste more time processing the experimental data. And if the petri dish is thoroughly cleaned, the experimenter can perform the experiment ...